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Basic Information: How To Create a Website?

Basic Information: How To Create a Website?

There are many ways to create a website. If you think you want to make your presence in this internet world and you are not very particular about your demands, you can always opt for free website builders. There are many tools available in the world to learn how to create a website free. Creating a site is just half the battle. The other half is driving traffic and getting leads to your business. There are three major steps involved in building these sites. They are the following:

Domain Name
Registering a domain name is very important. Make sure you buy an attractive domain name that will grab the attention of internet surfing people.

Web Host
A web host is buying an account with a server which will host your web site. This will help to make your site live round the clock. We recommend you to SiteGround for hosting, you can check here SiteGround hosting Review.

Creation of website
You make sure the web design is attractive and the appropriate content is placed on the website. There are many online tools available at free of cost and there are many tutorials that will help to master the techniques of web designing.